Severe Vulnerability in Wi-Fi Devices

Wordfence just requested that we help spread the word! Severe Vulnerability in All Wi-Fi Devices This entry was posted in General Security on October 16, 2017 by Mark Maunder This is a public service announcement (PSA) from the Wordfence team regarding a security issue that has a wide impact. Today is being called “Black Monday”... Read More

How to Protect Your WordPress – WPSetup Attack

How to Protect WordPress According to Wordfence, the WP Setup attack is gaining momentum. You can avoid falling victim, by following the  How to Protect Your WordPress procedures below: A Safe Way to Install a New WordPress Before you begin your WordPress installation, make a .htaccess file in your web directory containing the following: order... Read More

If You Use This, You’ve Likely Been Hacked

Super Easy Website Hacking There’s an old very handy script that has a major security problem. I received this information from Wordfence CyberSecurity Updates this morning. Here’s a snippet of their article and a link to view the entire article including detection methods. If You Use This Script, You’ve Probably Already Been Hacked This entry... Read More

A WordPress Management Service in Sacramento

WordPress Management Services

A WordPress Management Service in Sacramento manages your WordPress website so that you can manage your business. As most have become aware WordPress is a wonderful and cost effective platform for building and running an engaging website. Because of its massive appeal it is also a target for hackers. Because of that it needs... Read More

How To Protect Your WP-config

You know by now that WordPress is a fairly easy system to install and have your website up and running quickly. However, it’s just as easy to leave your site open to hackers. What I will provide to the readers of this site are tips for hardening this platform that we have all come to... Read More

What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware? The short and quick answer is that it’s a type of malware that can install itself on your computer or smartphone. What does Ransomware do? Ransomware is an encryption and extortion form of malware. It will encrypt and lock-down all your data and make it virtually impossible to decrypt. What’s The Purpose... Read More

CAPTCHA: The First and Easiest Step to WordPress Security

Easiest Step to WordPress Security A CAPTCHA plugin is a simple first step security solution that protects your WordPress website login and forms from hacking and spam attacks via computer-based hacking programs. It can be used to protect logins, registration, password recovery, comments and can protect most contact forms. CAPTCHA is a MLA (Multi-Letter Acronym... Read More

WordPress Themes & Plugins Under Attack.

The most active IPs Attacking WordPress

My WordPress Management Company Shares Attack Information I just received a report from Wordfence, a top notch WordPress security company. I thought the statistics they shared was worth a share. It may not affect most of you but it’s quite interesting. Included in this report was a list of the most active IPs and their... Read More