What’s A Brute Force Attack – How To Prevent

Brute Force Attacks WordPress brute force attacks refer to the trial and error method of entering multiple username and password combinations over and over until a successful combination is discovered. The brute force attack method exploits the simplest way to get access to your website: your WordPress login screen. Two very simple solutions to preventing... Read More

What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware? The short and quick answer is that it’s a type of malware that can install itself on your computer or smartphone. What does Ransomware do? Ransomware is an encryption and extortion form of malware. It will encrypt and lock-down all your data and make it virtually impossible to decrypt. What’s The Purpose... Read More

CAPTCHA: The First and Easiest Step to WordPress Security

Easiest Step to WordPress Security A CAPTCHA plugin is a simple first step security solution that protects your WordPress website login and forms from hacking and spam attacks via computer-based hacking programs. It can be used to protect logins, registration, password recovery, comments and can protect most contact forms. CAPTCHA is a MLA (Multi-Letter Acronym... Read More

WordPress Themes & Plugins Under Attack.

The most active IPs Attacking WordPress

My WordPress Management Company Shares Attack Information I just received a report from Wordfence, a top notch WordPress security company. I thought the statistics they shared was worth a share. It may not affect most of you but it’s quite interesting. Included in this report was a list of the most active IPs and their... Read More

Ransomware Attacks – Even More This Year

Ransomware calls are the ones I hate to receive more than any other support call. By the time I get the call the damage is already done. I found this article on WebsiteMagazine.com and thought my readers would find it informative. High-Profile Ransomware Attacks On the Rise June 3, 2016 By Administrator Cybercriminals are becoming... Read More

A WordPress Management Service in Sacramento

WordPress Management Services

A WordPress Management Service in Sacramento WPSanity.com manages your WordPress website so that you can manage your business. As most have become aware WordPress is a wonderful and cost effective platform for building and running an engaging website. Because of its massive appeal it is also a target for hackers. Because of that it needs... Read More

What a Week for WordPress Updates

Jetpack for WordPress – Updated This week has been a very busy week for WordPress and security Updates. Jetpack has released a major security update with version 4.0.4 in the last 7 days that fixes three vulnerabilities: A vulnerability that allowed an attacker to perform unauthorized changes to the “post by email” settings was fixed. A... Read More