Introducing New Pricing For Wordfence CLI!

We have an exciting announcement today about the Wordfence CLI project. We launched Wordfence CLI at WordCamp US back in August of 2023 with the goal of bringing malware and vulnerability scanning to the command line. We’ve been working closely with our customers since the launch to better understand their needs. As a result, we’ve made changes to the pricing structure of Wordfence CLI to better represent individual customer needs.

The previous CLI pricing offered 3 tiers with significant jumps between the number of sites applying to a given tier. This meant that a user who has just over 1,000 sites to scan using CLI Premium would need to buy a license allowing them to scan up to 10,000 sites at a cost of $2,950 USD per year – a large jump from the previous tier costing $950 USD per year. We recognized that jump in pricing can be a barrier for some.

We’ve reconfigured CLI’s pricing to now allow users to select the number of sites they scan within 100 site blocks, meaning the example user from above can purchase a CLI Premium license for 1,100 sites, which comes in at a much lower price point, now $1,069 USD per year.

New Site-Based Pricing

First 100 sites: Included
101-1,000: $100 / year per 100 sites
1,001-10,000: $50 / year per 100 sites
10,001-100,000: $25 / year per 100 sites
100,000+: Contact Us


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Starting with a base price of $119 for the first 100 sites, add on additional sites at increments of 100 with price-per-site dependent on the total number of sites. The higher the number of sites scanned, the greater the discounts offered. The number of sites you scan is self-reported. We have included a <count-sites> subcommand in CLI that automatically detects WordPress sites to help you determine the number of sites to include for your license.

We do still offer Enterprise CLI as an option designed for very large hosts with more than 100,000 sites. For example, if you are hosting provider with several million WordPress sites and would like to conduct daily or even hourly high performance malware and vulnerability scans across your entire fleet, we’d love to chat with you. Please contact our team for a quote.

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