Introducing Wordfence Agency Solutions

Throughout 2018, we have had many conversations with agencies and other organizations protecting a large number of WordPress sites with Wordfence. You’ve told us what you need to be more successful, and we’ve responded with many changes to both our licensing and our capabilities.

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To start, we added the ability to secure your staging and development environments with a single Wordfence premium license, something you should take advantage of if you have not done so already.

Introducing Wordfence Agency Solutions

Then we changed the way we handle volume discounts to make managing a large number of sites easier. We have a few additional changes coming, one of which we’re happy to announce today: Wordfence Agency Solutions.

With the new Wordfence Agency Solutions program, our client partners are empowered to create custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with what you need to keep your clients safe and grow your business. Some of the services they might offer in your custom security solution include:

  • Auditing WordPress site security to identify and mitigate risk factors on sites.
  • Optimizing Firewall and Malware Scanner attuned to the needs of your sites.
  • Onboarding and Training to help your agency make optimal use of Wordfence.
  • Proactively Mitigating emergent security threats to keep sites safe.
  • Incident Response and Forensic Investigation in the event of an attack to minimize downtime and prevent recurrence.
  • Premium Support from our team of experts.
  • and a Dedicated Agency Partner who understands the particulars of your business needs.

Depending on your situation, you may also qualify for additional discounts.

The initial agencies who have enrolled in Wordfence Agency Solutions each faced unique challenges, and together we identified and implemented a resolution for each case. For example, we started one customer’s engagement with a thorough security audit for 50 of his customer’s sites. In addition to a number of smaller issues we learned that his hosting environment was in need of security improvements.

Our security analysts worked with him as he implemented their recommendations, including changes to his hosting configuration and an optimized implementation of Wordfence Premium. His customers’ sites are now much more secure, and he has the Wordfence security team available to help with any future security incidents.

Partner with Your Security Team

Because no other agency is just like yours, you need a solution reflecting your unique needs. No matter your size, capabilities and requirements, you’ll get to work with a dedicated Client Partner to determine your perfect solution. Our Client Partners are technically adept, have worked in agency roles managing large numbers of sites, and they live up to their title as a Client Partner. Whether you’re facing immediate security challenges or just looking for a streamlined way to offer excellent security to your clients, we’re here to help.

Working together with Wordfence Agency Solutions will help you leverage all that Wordfence has to offer, allowing you to focus on growing your business with the knowledge that your clients’ security is in good hands. This means fewer headaches for you, while giving your current and future clients the assurance that the security of their sites is a priority for your agency.

Qualifying is easy: you just need 20 or more sites in your care.

Learn more about Wordfence Agency Solutions! A client partner is ready discuss your goals.

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