New Feature: Custom Premium Development Subdomains

Two weeks ago we announced the release of a new Wordfence feature that automatically allows Wordfence Premium customers to use their premium license key to secure a specific list of staging, development or test subdomains. This week we’ve taken that a step further, releasing a feature to allow your Wordfence Premium license to secure custom staging, development and staging domains.

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Custom Premium Development Subdomains

We designed our premium licensing to secure one site for each license key. Of course, each site may have several copies for testing and development. In response to your feedback, we’ve made it possible for Wordfence premium license keys to be reused across custom staging and development environments.

To enable these custom staging environments, you’ll need to contact premium support with a link to your staging and/or development environment. We’ll review the site to ensure it matches the production environment currently protected by Wordfence Premium. If it matches, we will enable those environments to use the production premium license key.

Examples of Staging Environments

The standard staging and development environments listed in the previous blog post will work automatically. However, there are a number of custom staging environments that don’t match predictable patterns. Some of our beta testers had environments such as:


Our premium support team can assist in ensuring Wordfence Premium is enabled, no matter how unique your secondary environment is, as long as it matches your production site.

More features coming

This is the first of many new features we’re working on to make it easier for our more advanced customers to manage Wordfence. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the months to come.

Are there other features we could add to Wordfence that would make managing your site’s security easier? Need help managing Wordfence at scale? Let us know!

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