How to Protect Your WordPress – WPSetup Attack

How to Protect WordPress

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According to Wordfence, the WP Setup attack is gaining momentum. You can avoid falling victim, by following the  How to Protect Your WordPress procedures below:

A Safe Way to Install a New WordPress

Before you begin your WordPress installation, make a .htaccess file in your web directory containing the following:

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from <ip-address>

Replace the ‘<ip-address >’ with your current IP address which you can find by visiting

When the lines above are added to your .htaccess file only you can access your website during the installation and setup of WordPress. This will stop anyone getting in before you complete your installation and stops them from taking control of your hosting account by uploading malicious code.WordPress security tips

Once you have completed your setup and protected your WordPress, you must remove the rule you added to your .htaccess and allow everyone to access your website.

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