Protect Yourself This Year

Your Information Is A Target

Protecting your personal information is very important. It’s a top priority for Tech-Line Consulting and too, and we want to make sure you have the information you need to protect yourself and avoid a possible fraud or scam.

What’s happening
A fraudster can contact you any time of the year by text message, phone, or email, and they may even impersonate a representative from a company you know. They may ask for your personal information, access to your computer, or for a passcode. They may tell you that they’ve noticed suspicious activity, such as activity on your computer or to your accounts, and ask you to send money to yourself using Zelle® to “reverse” the payment. This particular scam is on the rise and is referred to as the “Pay Yourself” scam. These are just some examples of how fraudsters will try to obtain your personal financial information or scam you, but you can take steps to protect yourself.

What you can do
• Do not share your PIN, passcode, text message code, or any other access information to your accounts with anyone who requests it.
• Know that companies should never ask you to send money to anyone, including yourself, to “reverse a transfer,” “receive a refund,” or anything similar.
• Don’t rely on caller ID. Scammers can make calls and texts look like they’re coming from someone or a company you may know.
• If you feel uncomfortable or suspicious with any request you receive by phone, text, or email, hang up or don’t respond. Reach out to the directly on their website or phone number, which you can easily find in the phone book, receipts or on your debit or credit card or statements.

Tech-Line Consulting and take our responsibility to protect your personal information seriously, and we are dedicated to providing you with updated information regarding ways to protect yourself from possible fraud and scams.

Thank you for choosing Tech-Line Consulting and

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