What is Ransomware?

WordPress Maintenance ServiceWhat is Ransomware?

The short and quick answer is that it’s a type of malware that can install itself on your computer or smartphone.

What does Ransomware do?

Ransomware is an encryption and extortion form of malware. It will encrypt and lock-down all your data and make it virtually impossible to decrypt.

What’s The Purpose of Encrypting My Files?

This evil software has to main threats. The first is that you will have to pay a hefty “RANSOM” to get a key that will hopefully decrypt your files and let you continue to use your device. The second is that you will have to pay the “RANSOM” or risk having your private data published.

How Do People Get Ransomware?

There are an endless number of ways to get infected. Rogue pop-ups claiming you have a boatload of viruses on your computer. Trust me, there are no companies out there watching your computer and waiting to inform you of issues that they can fix for you. If you didn’t install such a program, disregard warnings from unknown evil doers. Be very careful of your email. If your bank is contacting you, I suggest never logging in from that email. Go to your normal bank login. Always look at the bottom of the window to see where the link you have your mouse on is really going to take you. If it’s not properly formatted for the domain you are wanting to visit, delete that email and go on with your life. One more thing, if the FBI or CIA locks you out of your system, think for a moment, would the government lock my system and demand a ransom to give me access again? The answer is no, they would use proper legal channels.

An Ounce of Protection is Way Better than Any Cure.

The best thing to do is try to prevent it from ever happening. Use a good quality anti-virus program and I also suggest a good quality anti-malware program like MalwareBytes or SuperAntiSpyware. Both have free versions which you must keep up on scanning and updates. The paid versions are a little more proactive.

If you have a WordPress website, protect it with WPSanity.com services.

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