If You Use This, You’ve Likely Been Hacked

Super Easy Website Hacking

There’s an old very handy script that has a major security problem. I received this information from Wordfence CyberSecurity Updates this morning.

Here’s a snippet of their article and a link to view the entire article including detection methods.

If You Use This Script, You’ve Probably Already Been Hacked

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Hacking Made Easy

Several years ago, web publishing company Interconnect/IT released a handy tool for finding and replacing text in a website’s database. This tool, a stand-alone file published as searchreplacedb2.php, includes built-in WordPress compatibility that makes working with WordPress databases a breeze.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any authentication or security measures, which makes infecting WordPress databases equally easy.

During the last few weeks, our Security Services Team has noticed a spike in infections using this script. The hackers use their botnets to look for the script all over a target site. The following is a sample of log entries searching for this file.

Read the entire Dangerous Script article here.

Sample Result  Of A Hacked Website

Sample Hacked Website


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