Wordfence Intelligence Launching at Black Hat 2022 in Las Vegas Next Week

Wordfence protects over 4 million websites around the world on 12,000 unique networks, and we block over 1.8 billion attacks targeting those websites every month. For years we have had a relationship with our customers that is a virtuous cycle: We receive attack reports from our customers at a rate of over 700 reports per second, and we distill those attacks into malware signatures, firewall rules, and an IP blocklist, and we give that data back to our customers in the form of a threat intelligence feed.

Our free customers benefit from our malware signatures and firewall rules, and our paid customers also receive our IP blocklist. This relationship is extremely powerful and does an incredible job of protecting the online community and making WordPress websites and their visitors safer. If one Wordfence customer is attacked, the rest are made safe through this process.

For years we have wanted to go further than this. We have wanted to protect more people. At Black Hat 2022 in Las Vegas next week, which has almost 20,000 attendees, we will announce the launch of Wordfence Intelligence at our booth.

Wordfence Intelligence is a new product that is available for enterprise customers and hosting providers that will help protect big parts of the Web and the online community from attacks targeting web applications. If you are a hosting provider, part of an enterprise security operations team, or are responsible for keeping a large network safe from attacks targeting web applications, you will want to watch this space.

We hope to see you at Black Hat 2022 in Las Vegas, one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world. We have a big 20 by 30 ft booth that you can’t miss, and our booth number at Black Hat is 2514. We are between the entrance area and Innovation City. The entire Wordfence team will be there, including me, and we’ll have a launch event next Wednesday, August 10th, in the morning. I hope you can come by and enjoy some champagne or juice with us!

If you’re not able to attend Black Hat, keep an eye on our mailing list and this blog. We will announce our launch here and cover the launch live on social media. We previewed our booth in Denver a few days ago and shared a fun video of our preview on Instagram today.

Two members of our media team are driving from Colorado to Las Vegas to cover our launch at Black Hat. Starting Sunday morning, Wordfence team member Jillian will take over the Official Wordfence Instagram account and drive the Wordfence Film Van as she travels from Colorado to Las Vegas to meet the rest of the team and attend our launch. Our team is 100% remote, and this will be the first time we’ve seen each other since Covid. Vegas will be a very exciting event for all of us.

Jillian will post her journey in real-time on Instagram along with our booth build, team, and launch.

We’re all extremely excited to share the launch of Wordfence Intelligence with you next Wednesday, and we’re looking forward to you attending virtually via Instagram or in person!

Mark Maunder – Founder & CEO – Wordfence & Defiant Inc.

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