Wordfence Is GDPR Compliant

Today the team at Defiant completed the required steps to make our organization and services GDPR compliant.

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Your starting point for Wordfence and GDPR should be the following page: Wordfence and GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation page.

On the above page you can find everything you need to ensure that you remain GDPR compliant while enjoying the security benefits of Wordfence. This includes a pre-signed data processing agreement if you need to sign one. We also include a list of the cookies the Wordfence plugin sets when installed on a site and what each cookie does to improve security.

As part of this project, we have also updated our terms of use and privacy policy. Current users of Wordfence will be prompted with our new terms of service and privacy policy within the next 24 hours as the newest version of Wordfence is deployed. New users of Wordfence will see the terms of service and privacy policy prompt as soon as they install Wordfence.

The Wordfence user interface will be disabled until you review and agree to our new terms. The prompt will look like this:

We have optimized this process so that, if you have many sites running Wordfence Premium, once you agree on one site, you won’t have to repeatedly agree to the same terms across all your other sites.

I’d like to congratulate our team on completion of this project. It required hundreds of hours of work which included product updates, website changes, the creation of new agreements and documentation and a thorough data and security audit.

While we can not provide GDPR advice to other companiesif you have any questions about GDPR as it relates to Wordfence, you are most welcome to post them in the comments below.

Mark Maunder – Defiant Founder and CEO


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