No Website is Immune to Hacks

Website Can Happen To Anyone

Wordpress updatesNo website is immune to hacks. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business with 2 0r 3 employees or a huge business with 10,000 or more employees. This was proven again when the Microsoft site,, was found to contain numerous spam pages and links in its website. The site, was running an older version of WordPress which made it susceptible to attacks. This should also serve as a reality check to all of us.
When was the last time you checked the plugins you are using on your site? How about your themes? Do you really need all of them? Are there any just sitting there, not updated and disabled? Many of the exploits and hacks that happen today to WordPress sites are a direct result of outdated themes and plugins. If you are unlikely to ever use that really neat slider plugin that you never got around to playing with then why still have it? How about those 6 different themes you uploaded when you were thinking about rebuilding your site? Honestly, are you ever going to use them? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then get rid of them.

Don’t Forget Your WordPress Plugins

How about the plugins you do use? Is there any reason that you are still using an old outdated and unmaintained one that hasn’t been updated or supported in years? Is the functionality so crucial that you are willing to risk your site’s security on it? Is it worth the time, energy, lost business, and lost sleep that will inevitably come when your site is exploited and redirects everyone to an offshore pornography site? With 39,249 plugins in the repository at the time of this entry there are probably several that will provide the same purpose but are updated and rated to work with your current version of WordPress.

Then Make Sure Your WP Core Is Up-to-date

It’s also important to not forget about the core WordPress software. WordPress doesn’t release new versions just to release something. They contain security fixes, bug patches, and, yes, even some new functionality or improvements. If you are running an outdated version of WordPress, you likely have holes in your website’s installation.

It’s interesting to hear when the big guys get egg on their face. But we need to learn from their mistakes. Maintain your website. Update your software, themes, and plugins. The difference between the big guys and you is: They have a huge team that will fix their site if they get hacked. You have you, and if you’re lucky, a much smaller team. A little updating and maintenance now will prevent you from being the next statistic.

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