WP Fastest Cache For WordPress – Review

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If you’re looking for a really simple and reliable cache plugin for WordPress, here’s one I really like.


This plugin creates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. When a page is rendered, php and mysql are used. Therefore, system needs RAM and CPU. If many visitors come to a site, system uses lots of RAM and CPU so page is rendered so slowly. In this case, you need a cache system not to render page again and again. Cache system generates a static html file and saves. Other users reach to static html page. Setup of this plugin is so easy. You don’t need to modify the .htacces file. It will be modified automatically.

I was using w3 total cache but there were so many options and this one has few options but this one gives me better results than w3. Just a few clicks and it’s done !

You can learn more here. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-fastest-cache/

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