Your Site Can Help Defend Millions Of Others

As you’re probably aware, Wordfence’s Security Services Team (SST) provides world-class remediation services in the event that your site falls victim to malicious activity.  Our analysts combine their considerable expertise with the best threat intelligence in the industry to deliver results we’re consistently proud to stand behind. To be clear, the word “consistently” is used deliberately here, as the continued reliability of our services is crucial in maintaining the trust placed in us by our users.

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An early struggle with consistency was in handling the volatility of our order volume, where peak volumes would sometimes impact the quality of our service. Limiting these situations became an immediate priority, and in April we introduced ‘high demand’ pricing to better ensure that we never compromise on quality. At the same time, we integrated the SST and Customer Service teams and completely revamped our internal processes to align with this trajectory.

The results of these changes were dramatic. The improvements allowed us to introduce discounted prices during periods of lower demand, which we rolled out in May. Our motivation to discount rates extends beyond pure economics, though, because each closed case is about more than money to us.

Helping Future Victims

Our ability to protect Wordfence users from new and more sophisticated attacks hinges on our ability to absorb the latest intelligence into our Threat Defense Feed. Each incident responded to by our SST analysts advances this process–whether by discovering new or mutated malware samples, contributing forensic data to broader investigations, or by revealing the presence of new threat actors–and directly improves the security of millions of websites as a result. Offering temporary discounts during periods of low volume is an easy choice when it means stimulating an uninterrupted flow of high-value threat intelligence.

We know the immediate aftermath of a WordPress compromise is always a stressful time, and understand that the improved security of the rest of our users isn’t terribly compelling when you’ve got your own situation to take care of. With that in mind we offer thanks to all of our SST customers, whether for responding to a hacked site or performing a site security audit, by including a free one-year license for Wordfence Premium. With an active Premium subscription your site will immediately benefit from up-to-date threat intelligence, where the data gathered from your own case and others like it can be put to work defending your site from future attacks.

Wait No Longer

At this time, the SST’s volume allows us to offer a 30% discount on site cleaning and security audit services. If you believe your site has suffered a successful attack, or are interested in having our experts check under the hood to identify future concerns, there’s no better time to get in touch.

You’ll be joining a network of websites which have all contributed to the improved security of your web presence, and what we learn from your case will in turn go on to help those who need it in the future. Whether we’re publishing analyses of emerging malware trends or using our collected data to identify popular infection vectors, we’re committed to providing the best security solutions in the industry, and we’re thrilled to have your help.

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