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A WordPress Management Service in Sacramento

WordPress Management Services

A WordPress Management Service in Sacramento WPSanity.com manages your WordPress website so that you can manage your business. As most have become aware WordPress is a wonderful and cost effective platform for building and running an engaging website. Because of its massive appeal it is also a target for hackers. Because of that it needs... Read More

What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware? The short and quick answer is that it’s a type of malware that can install itself on your computer or smartphone. What does Ransomware do? Ransomware is an encryption and extortion form of malware. It will encrypt and lock-down all your data and make it virtually impossible to decrypt. What’s The Purpose... Read More

Secure Your WordPress Admin Username

Don't leave an open door for hackers.

The Admin User Is The #1 Target For Hackers Here is a Professionally Instructed Video – with Up To Date Security Techniques Covers the Most Common WP Vulnerabilities. I will be adding a series of these videos to help you secure your WordPress website. This video gives some really simple and smart tips that will... Read More
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