New Guides From Wordfence To Help Clean a Hacked Website

At Wordfence, one of our goals is to empower you as much as possible to be self-sufficient, at no additional cost. To do that, we provide Wordfence as a free security plugin. Over the years we have also developed a comprehensive WordPress Security Learning Center that provides readers with a complete understanding of WordPress Security and how to run a secure website. We have also published a number of articles explaining how to recover from a hack, should that worst-case scenario ever arise.

This  morning we updated our WordPress Security Learning Center to add 9 new guides to clean specific hack types. We also updated our main guide on how to clean a hacked WordPress website. You can now find the following new guides in the Learning Center that will help you clean specific infection types:

If you haven’t already checked out our WordPress Security Learning Center, I recommend you do. We have a huge number of articles and guides to help you learn about WordPress Security in a structured way. They range from beginner to intermediate to advanced and each article makes it clear what the technical level is.

These articles are designed to empower you to help recover your own website from a hack. If you still need assistance, or don’t have the time to clean a compromised website, definitely check out our site cleaning service. We are the best in the business with consistently high ratings from our customers. We also provide a Priority Service where cleanings are started within 2 business hours.

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